Friday, 13 May 2016

Story #262 - Stop walking with your head in the ground

I usually walk with my head lowered. No particular reason other than that's how my neck is. Bent to oogle the ground and people's feet. When I do raise it, I feel like that ostrich or vulture from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. I sometimes can't keep from baring my teeth and doing that "huh, uh-huh-huh" laughter.
I miss out on plenty of sights, nature, and living beings.
Then this one song played a verse in my eardrums. "Look up and glance around. See the beauty abound." So I did.
People wearing ripped jeans or skin-tight trousers waltzed past me, having t-shirts with various political or sport logos, making me wonder why they would be willing to wear someone else's message for free. Their frilly haircuts, either curly hair made to look like a pony had run rampage through their scalp, or gone barren on one side, raised like a bridge on the other, perhaps in sign of protest for losing their brain cells through the telly.
I would rather look at the cobblestone and dream a world with smiles and simplicity, than a world with smirks and smugness.

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