Saturday, 14 May 2016

Story #263 - Being blunt

It's easy to sit on the sidelines and observe people interact with one another, or with the environment, say to yourself " that's how they do it." while wondering why you can't do that particular thing, whether it be picking up girls, getting drunk the nice way, or being polite.
But there's this other thing I can do perfectly, and I see others coy when they are forced to go about it. And that's to be blunt.
People on the internet easily do this, although most do it with malice and for kicks, to which the term 'trolling' was invented.
To be fair, some are quite blunt, but on the phone or through an email rather than face to face.
Not that many want to be told they have been fired or dumped and have their expression change in front of others.
Also, being bad is easy, and taking the easy way is not the best at all times.
Ten yeses barely outdo one no. A terrible thing to have.

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