Sunday, 8 May 2016

Story #257 - Carrier bag

I was running this morning pretty early. 6. The sun was beating heartily and the pollution was kept to a minimum. I love how most people are asleep. It sure makes me do that more often.
However, that's not the interesting bit.
I passed by this guy who had four bags of crisps in his hand. Everybody would have a carrier bag, for convenience sake. But no, not him.
I looked at his face, and hidden under all over the place stubble were a pair of bags under his half-risen eyes, while his lips had cracks that would make canyons crumble more. Despite his look, he was walking like any other person, therefore, either he had come from work, or he was going to an after party where he would probably sleep upon arrival.
Although that question loomed for a little bit, the following one was there for the next five minutes. What kind of person doesn't buy a carrier bag to keep his stuff nice and out of sight?

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