Sunday, 29 May 2016

Story #278 - Forming a queue

As soon as I felt a rumble in my belly, I left my crib in search of grub.
After I turned the first of five corners to get on the main street, I saw this queue formed in front of a house.
Initially I though it was only for people who were dressed sharp, but as I approached, there were guys with leather jackets, skinhead girls, tattooed people who didn't care if they showed. Pretty much all walks of life. I figured I could ask at least.
I stopped behind these two girls who looked like the type that go out to clubs every weekend to get drunk, with not a lot on, both on them and over them, with make-up that would make you take a step back.
"So, is this a party?"
"Nah. We're waiting for a line?"
"A line?"
"Yeah, you know..." and this blonde covers a nostril while sucking air with the other.
I turn my head sideways to at the other one, brunette.
"This line thing, you have it?"
"They're giving it for free."
"And all these people are waiting for it?"
Crazy is what I thought. I've done chalk lines on football fields before, but I'm pretty sure this is something different.
I think I'll postpone shopping.

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