Thursday, 12 May 2016

Story #261 - Please don't go (final part)

"Put the knife down," said one of them.
"Now!" the other carried on.
He still had the blade near his neck, only he was wondering why two police officers were in his flat. 'She didn't yell that loudly, and I had my palm over her mouth, so why are they here?"
"Come on. You've already killed one person. There's no point in killing another one."
"But there is. Stay back or I'm gonna plunge this straight in."
The other copper takes one step forward, to spite the man, who, upon seeing that, took to crawling away from them, near the corner of the one-bedroom place.
"If you-" He didn't have to finish as both of them advanced, and let out a scream as his head dropped on the floor.
Hastily, the service men approached him, and when one turned the person over, the knife bludgeoned him in the artery. The hand that did it grabbed the knife back and stuck it in the heart. Twice.
The other officer panicked, and was on his way out when the blade stuck him in the nape.
Both were rendered immobile.
He looked at them, then at the woman.
"If only you didn't want to dump me. Now who knows what's going to happen. It's on you."

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