Saturday, 28 May 2016

Story #277 - Dumb shit you say in class #1

"I'm sorry, teach, I don't remember what that's called. I saw a show where this guy played the character, and it was called... The Dominoes. But I don't remember what was his name. Did anyone see it?"
"Really? Nobody watches that show?"
"Hey, don't worry, mate. I'm sure I watch stuff that nobody watches."
"We're not talking about porn here."
"Everybody watches that."
"I don't," said one of the grade A student females in the class, a blonde with a slim model's body and a face that would make cover magazines if she was a celeb.
"You don't. You just make them."
A few laughs came about.
"That's right," she interrupted. "I make them. And you're not invited for my next one."
The guy turned beetroot as the one who didn't know the answer turned from one to the other.
"Well, I'm glad my class can have this kind of conversation. If only you knew the answers to my questions as fast."

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