Friday, 27 May 2016

Story #276 - The one tree

In the whole park there is one tree. Only one.
It's not like the park is huge, but you can fit over four hundred people with ease, let them get thrashed with alcohol, and still have space.
Still, this one tree in a clean grassy patch is such a weird sight that tourists have been coming here. I asked one of them why.
"It's in the guide brochures."
"What do you think now that you're looking at it?"
"False advertising."
Damn right. A regular oak tree that wouldn't stand out anywhere else but this place is in the tourist's guide book.
I wonder if whoever's in charge of this will want to make money somewhere down the line.
"Come one, come all, to see the 10th wonder of the world. The lonely tree, shivering with glee, at the incoming bee, wondering if it'll pee."
Okay, the last one needs some tuning, but I still wouldn't be surprised if they do this.

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