Saturday, 7 May 2016

Story #256 - Old habits resurface (final part)

Once I went through my mom's door, she chewed me out for cutting her shoes . And I, like an asshole, stood there, took it in, and gave her the occasional shrug. I almost smiled, but I think that might have crossed the line too much.
Although she complained for ten minutes, she didn't talk to me for the next week. By which time I had healed a fair bit and could move on my own. Still without clothes and shoes, though.
As a result I drenched myself in deodorant, trying to feel majestic like British people from the 19th century, and carried on outside in the same wears as before. Pink power reigns supreme. 
I wonder if that girl really is waiting for me?
Hmm...I should learn how to do a few tango steps. Just in case.

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