Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Story #273 - The missed sunrise

Here I am, at three in the morning, shivering as I didn't bring warmer clothes with me.
The night out with the mates didn't go as planned and I didn't have anything to do, with sleep being out of question since...well, you always sleep, how about something different? They weren't up for that, it seems.
Yeah, bus stop bench cold as steel, even though it's plastic, sea breeze pumping every three seconds, sending down chills under my trousers; the protective glass wall that made the station wasn't rooted to the ground.
I looked to the front and saw clear skies overcoming the bleakness of the night. and I was hopeful I might see my first ever sunrise. I was getting excited, but that didn't shake the chill of the pier.
Behind me, the moon was in cahoots with the brighter cloud, playing "Guess the shape" while adding some orange-ish colour in the background, giving them the spotlight. Good old Moon, eh?
Then I made the mistake of asking Google when will the sun actually come up. Five o' clock. Ugh.
I spent an hour and a half in on my toes, doing the hippy-hippy-shake, trying not to curse the temperature too much, but once the skies lit in every part, and the white planet vanished, it was clear I couldn't see the Big Star come forth. Too much grey above. I had to go on my way, disappointed.
Until next time, right?

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