Friday, 6 May 2016

Story #255 - Old habits resurface (part 12)

I had to wait to make my mark, and luckily, she started turning around in her own sensual way, unwinding her hips right to left. Mrrr...
I tried to play along with my finger, but I think I gave the impression of a disco dad on too many pints.
Hoping she didn't see me, I counted down some random numbers, and the second her eyesight wasn't on me, I walked. Maybe it was the euphoria of this place, maybe from the dance, but I felt I could walk properly for the first time since the accident, so I sped up considerably. Imagine a snail suddenly being planted on a skateboard that is being driven with only one foot every three regular steps. A sudden kick-me-up, right? I thought so too.
Unfortunately, as I reached the door, I felt a hand against my shoulder.
"Am I that boring?"
Cripes. What do you say in that situation?
"No," I say as I rotate my head to the side, barely glimpsing her. "I didn't want to embarrass you any longer."
"Is that your real reason?"
"Thought so. You gonna show your face here again?"
"When I'm healthy."
"Less than a month."
"We'll see. Off you go."
I wanted to ask her why she was adamant about me. She didn't seem drunk or high. I can't be bothered to think about it right now. Home is my destination.

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