Thursday, 5 May 2016

Story #254 - Old habits resurface (part 11)

I somehow got dragged near the centre of the stage, wobbling with my cut pinksters that, due to the lights, didn't attract as much attention as I was expecting, but I'm pretty sure my whole outfit did.
"Come on, baby, no time to be shy."
Yeah, you could tell me that if I wasn't injured, and even then I'd still be neurotic about steps.
The song switched as we just about arrived on a particular shiny area. It went from giddy to sensual.
As such, she gently put her left hand on my right hip, slightly below my sling, then toyed around with her right while I stood there like a less effective scarecrow.
She moved slowly from the front to the back, keeping her hands on me.
Now she's, and I'm guessing as I can't turn around, swooning her ass against mine, moving up and down, eventually having her back against my ass as her fingertips cross below my equator. Speaking of which, I think it'll increase it's length soon.
Now she's moving up and has her fingers on my back for a second. I try to feel or hear something, but nothing. I somehow turn like a robot, and see her dancing with herself, having one hand on her hair, and the other's fingernail in her mouth as her hips go wild.
Why am I injured now? I can only go crazy in my head and that's not a safe place to be crazy in. So I'd rather go than become a massive dick.

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