Saturday, 30 January 2016

Story #158 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 13)

My first thought as I opened the fridge door was "His parents sure have a lot of alcohol in here." Several six packs, a few bottles of cider and wine, both white and rose. "Should I go for this, or should I check out his pantry for whisky?" This is the problem of choice. When you want something so badly, but can't decide, and you feel you will regret not choosing something. "Might as well grab a six pack. Maybe they'll have some, too."

I'm back in the living room with the beer cans when I see them giggling at each other. I pretend I don't notice, or care, and take a seat at the table, then lay the booze on it.
"You're going strong," Jim says.
"I figured you might want some, too."
"I prefer wine and cider, but it's too early for that."
"I'll have a beer," Stacy says, smiling.
"Cool. So, what are we playing?"
"Anyone up for poker?"
"I don't have a big allowance. I can't play for money," Stacy says.
"How about...strip?" I say. I don't if it's the alcohol or not, but I don't care anymore.
"Haha. Might be a bit much. How about we go for dares instead?" Jim's polite all of a sudden.
"I don't mind either way," Stacy's words surprised me.
"What if we do both?" I say.
Jim shrugs.
He goes and gets the packet from a drawer, as I sip my beer. Things will get more exciting, hopefully for me, too. If I am to be the odd one out, I want some laughter, at least.

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