Friday, 29 January 2016

Story #157 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 12)

"Hey, what'chu doin' up there?" Stacy said aloud. She had her usual smile on her face. I know why she had it, but damn was it nice.
"Come down."
"Come on. Let's play something."
"Nah..." I pondered for a sec. "Alright. We can play something. I'll be down right away."
She smiled and walked away nonchalantly, almost skipping.
"This might turn great, or could make me curse my existence. But seeing as how I already missed the girl, probably, I don't see the point in it being worse than it actually is. Well, let's have some fun." In my head, I felt so cocky of what I had thought out, yet it remains to be seen if I can actually do it.

I made my way inside the place, near the living room, and they were cheek to cheek once more.
"So, what this game we're about to play?" I said, trying to play it cool.
Their lips departed. The red sea was no more. Hallelujah!
"I don't have any, except for cards."
"That'll suffice." I grin.
Jim grins back. "You're plotting something."
"Yeah. I was wondering if you have any alcohol."
"Boom. There it is."
"What? You wanted to have fun. I haven't had alcohol yet, and I read it's fun, so..."
"There's plenty in the kitchen and the fridge. Help yourself."
I wink at him. He chuckles.

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