Monday, 4 January 2016

Story #132 - First gym experience

Muscle-bound freaks doing only barbells, having arms as thick as unopened canopies, yet legs skinnier than umbrellas.
Chubbier fellows walking, some even power walking. Running is out of the question as their joints might not make it past the fifth step.
Then there are the stickmen who look out of place, although not out of shape as there isn't any. If one muscle would rise on their silky surface, their body might fall down from that lopsided effect.
There are some girls, sure, but they're boring. The runners tend to do only that. The brick-layers do a bit of running, a bit of 15 kilogram barbell lifting, and a little TRX. And those are all the girls. I haven't seen a skinny one, so I can't say.
And the last one is me. Average size, a bit over the weight limit, not really working out, yet not totally out of shape. Pretty much the definition of laziness.
Not having been in a gym, I was unfamiliar with the equipment. When I first stepped in, I looked around and wondered what the heck to those things do. Luckily, they have instructions. Of course they would. Instructors aren't always available in 24/7 gyms.
Sitting on the bike, looking at a screen with a lot of buttons, including one that says "Go", would actually mean that you'd press that button the machine would start recording your mileage. Nope. You have to pedal a bit. Weird. Different.
Yeah. I tried everything. It was fun. Relaxing. I was surprised that I enjoyed it. There's that thing about learning one new thing every day. This was the biggest one. And that there are other people who go to the gym at 3 in the morning.

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