Thursday, 21 January 2016

Story #149 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 4)

"Yeah. I like to have fun. I can study when I want, but I'd rather enjoy myself while I'm living with my folks."
"What do you mean?" I say as my breathing is back to regular.
"We're in school now, with no job, no worries, no money. We can relax. It's the first day, too. The first week is usually the most boring and uninteresting."
"So let's do something."
"Well, I don't have any money. My folks can't give me allowance."
"No probs. We can hang out in a park, then we can go to my place. They usually leave in about three hours."
"Three hours? Oh, man."
"Yeah, I know. We'll have a lot of time to talk."
"Here's one. How come you moved here?"
"My parents are artists, and they've advanced this year. They afforded the move here, and I'm looking forward to see what this London thing is, after all. Biggest city in the world, they say. It beats Essex, though."
"Don't know. Never been."
"It's a quiet little place. Good to visit if you have a nan."
"Huh. It might be good for creativity in that case."
"Possibly. Unlike my parents, I'm more of a doer than a thinker."
"You haven't tried to write or draw or dance or anything else?"
"I tried it. Just didn't feel okay to me. I don't know. Technically, I should think like them, but I'm more grounded than they've hoped, I suppose."
"That's not a bad thing."
"What about you?"

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