Saturday, 2 January 2016

Story #130 - Unfinished temper tantrum

"This has been a lovely day," John said through his teeth, without flexing his lips.
"What's so lovely about it?" Arthur replied, looking at the duck-filled pond with cold eyes.
"The feeling of being alive."
"You were alive yesterday."
"I was working. Now I'm not."
"What do you think those critters feel?"
"Oh, who knows?"
"I know they'll feel fear if I go near them."
"I know you'll feel pain if I punch you."
"Let's just sit here and watch life unfold."
"I'd rather we unfolded in our house. The weather's dreadful. I'm in my warm clothes and I'm still shaking."
"Is that what you want?"
"Then let's go."
"I thought you wanted to feel alive outside."
"You happiness is my happiness."

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