Saturday, 23 January 2016

Story #151 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 6)

Time passed by fast in the park. And we talked for most of it, with the occasional running around here and there.
We were on our way to his house when Stacy called me.
"What's up?"
"Looks like our day's been cut short. Can I join you?"
"Let me ask." I say and put the phone against my chest. "So, Stacy says they finished, and she wants to know if she can join us."
He looks at me with his smiling eyes. "Do you want her to join us?"
I chuckle. "Well, she's alright, you know, for a girl."
He laughs. "You decide."
I put the phone back against my ear. "You can come. I'll text you the details."
I hung up. "How long have you had a crush on her?" He tells me after his laughter receded.
"I...uh...what? No. We just hang out."
"Sure, sure. You can try to fool, but you can't fool yourself."
I switch my eyes from him to the pavement, and back again. He didn't have to say that. Now I'll be self-conscious when I see her.

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