Thursday, 7 January 2016

Story #135 - Being a wallflower

He approaches the big meeting room and stops right in front of the open doors. "Please don't let anyone talk to me," he thinks, then takes a deep breath and lunges himself inside. One baby step after the other, trying to marshmallow between the groups of chatters, wondering how to stay unnoticed amidst all of this, when he sees a loophole. It's on the other side of the room, but there's an empty space.
A few more paces forward, and he's being stopped. Someone grabbed his arm.
"Danny," they said.
His eyes grew, his head tilted to 90 degrees, while his mouth remained closed.
"It's me," they continued. "Roxie foxie." She opened her arms. "Class of 2012."
His figure was the same, now engulfed in her hug.
She let go, smile wide, and looked into his eyes.
"Still the same chatty man."
He tapped his chin with his pointer three times.
"Maybe we'll talk later, if you're up for it."
"He shrugged.
She lightly touched his shoulder, then went on her way.
He sighed, turned around, and checked that space. Still empty. "Yes," he yelled inside his head.
This time he didn't care. He wanted to reach it, so he hastened his mark.
He bypassed plenty of groups, even two hands that reached out to him.
When he arrived at the designated area, he felt safe. He felt as if he could spend his time there and have nothing bad happen, until he raised his head and saw four people coming his way.
"Oh, boy," he consoled himself in his thoughts.

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