Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Story #140 - Not your average crow foreboding (part 3)

And the crow fled with the cat in its small beak. The blue-haired one gently licking its paw as if nothing had happened. A bow-tie fell from the air and we both went to it. Splashes of blood were between the black and white dots. This insensitive one sniffed it a couple of time, then reverted back to cleaning itself.
"Why aren't there any other people on the streets? It's only...half six. Is this an abandoned area? No lights on from the lampposts, no shops around, no cars either. Weird. So where did this one came from? What about these felines?"
As he kept asking himself these questions, the ginger one came out of the vehicle with bits of blood near its mouth. It looked satisfied. Then it meowed, came over, and started rubbing itself against my leg, purring like a madman.
"What's with this creature?"
He wanted to push it away, when a twenty foot building block collapsed.
Bricks turned to rubble, windows to shards, and wood to spikes. The felines hid behind his feet.
"Is this a game?"

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