Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Story #148 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 3)

"You know, for a new kid, I'm surprised that you want to do this," I said.
"New school, I figured you'd want to make a good impression."
"Yup. Let's make it." Jim smiled his carefree smile. Damn, if I was a girl I'd fall in love with him. I wonder if Stacy will...
We walk about the hallway, wondering what to do, when this guy freezes in the middle of the hall.
"Whatchu do¬"
He howls like a wolf, cutting me short, alerting everybody.
"You crazy?" I yell. He laughs. I hear a few doors open.
"I think we should run for it."
"You reckon?" I say, and we vamoose down the corridor, down the staircase, down to the bottom floor, down to outside.
"That woke me up properly. Haven't had my coffee this morning. I needed that."
"You're a handful, mate," I tell him as I catch my breath. He smirks.

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