Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Story #134 - The treadmill effect

I ran on the treadmill about 5 years ago. I absolutely hated it. The running towards nowhere, the steady roller that would flatten anything in its path if let loose.
I met one the other day. I decided to walk fast on it. Speed 7 for 10 minutes. The pace is for a very fast walking. From 8 you run. Or at least I do.
Getting back to it, the walking effect is interesting. Not only do you stare in the wilderness of the white wall, but you can also put on a swag while you change your view to the electronic device, or your feet, to make sure you don't step away from the center of the path. Boring, yeah.
Now, walking on it makes you feel like your achieving something, going a certain distance, burning some calories, getting in the process, while it's not entirely like that.
I've walked for twenty minutes the most, and the sweat was there, and not there. Just a smidgen, enough to make one excited and say that they worked out. But it's hardly the stuff of legends.
However, after I finished my thing, I stepped down and felt myself moving faster. Like in The Matrix, where they move in slow-motion, except that things don't move slow, only me moving at 2x times the speed I'm used to.
That's one cool superpower to have.

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