Sunday, 24 January 2016

Story #152 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 7)

We arrived at his pad. Shit. It felt like I stepped into a museum.
White walls, paintings or artsy things on them, bright lights all around... I feel like I'm in a fairy tale.
"So, uh, what did your parents do again?"
"One's a dancer, the other's an actor, but let's not talk about that."
"Okay. You're place is awesome, though. I mean, what's this chain-like thing?"
"A chain made out of plywood, painted in red."
"Really? It looks surreal."
"Haha. I've been living with these things, so it doesn't seem like that to me."
As I was ogling my eyes in his living room, I hadn't noticed he left me alone.
"Say, where's..." I was about to burst. I went several times to the bathroom at home, at school, but it didn't happen today.
I walked down the corridor and heard moans from a room. I felt embarrassed. Guess I'm at that age, huh?
They kept rising as I went steadily ahead. Then they stopped. As I did. Ten seconds later he stepped out.
"Guess you heard that, huh?"
I didn't say anything.
"Porn is nice. What, you never seen it?"
I shake my blushed face.
"Then let's go watch some more of it."
It's a weird day that keeps getting weirder.

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