Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Story #147 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 2)

The teacher started his hour. I had my chin in my hand, wondering when it'll end.
I piece of paper flew on my desk. I looked to my left, and it was the new guy. His smile, alongside his blond locks, made me grin.
I unraveled the piece of paper.
"You seem in such a great mood. But I'm here. How about we have some fun?"
I giggled at the writing, then I glanced at him and whispered. "We can go now if we go down," and did the two-fingered stealth walking motion.
He immediately stepped down from his chair. So did I.
We squat-crawled to the door. Some people looked at us, but I turned my pointer on the side and pressed it against my lips.
A girl chuckled and the teacher froze by the blackboard.
"Did I say anything out of order?"
"No," she said. "I'm sorry. I remembered something."
"Would you like to share?"
"It's pretty embarrassing."
"Okay. Can I continue my lesson?"
"Ummm...yes..." she mumbled and moved her eyes all over the place.
"Is that a question?"
With that, the teacher reverted back to looking at the board, my colleague turned red, while me and this guy continued our clown walk to the door.
I was careful in opening it, making sure it wouldn't make any noise.
We skidded out, and I pressed the knob ever so gently. There was a faint click when it gelled back into the wall.
"Alright," he said.

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