Monday, 25 January 2016

Story #153 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 8)

So, I went into his room. It wasn't as bright as the house. The drapes were grey, the light came from a small peak in the center, and there wasn't a bed in sight.
"Say, where do you sleep?"
"I use one of those Japanese things. It's in the closet."
"How come?"
"I have more space."
"Let me show you what...I...was...the laptop's shut off. Weird. Looks like the lights have shut off. Must be a blackout."
"Guess I won't see a porn just yet. Haha." I made such a bad joke.
"In that case, let's eat. I'm sure you're hungry."

And we go in the kitchen, where he doesn't have the traditional western table.
"Is this Japanese, too?"
"Isn't it annoying eating on the floor? If you eat too much, you will burst, right?"
"Don't eat too much, in that case."
"Yeah... So, what do you want to do at your place? Play some games?"
"We can do that, but your girlfriend's coming over, so we can do something in three."
"She's not my girlfriend!"
"Whoa. Didn't know it'd make you yell. Alright, alright. She's just a girl. Is that alright?"
I didn't say anything. I looked away.
He put on jazz. Great for the mood.

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