Monday, 11 January 2016

Story #139 - Not your average crow foreboding (part 2)

With cats behind him, bow-ties dangling from one side to the other, he ran towards the accident spot.
"Hmm. I was expecting some blood and guts, not a freakin' lamppost bent in half. The car's lights are gushing out, though." And steam was coming out of the hood. The driver's side door was open, as well as his side of the windshield, with the other being almost shattered, not quite sure how it's being kept intact.
He walked briskly, as if on a stroll through the park, to the driver's side, and saw the person with his eyes on the floor. "I mean, his eyes have popped out." Blood was crying from his sockets, while the rest stayed motionless. "Nothing attacked from behind, so this is pretty...weird."
The ginger cat was beside him, analyzing this whole ordeal, then jumped in the car and started licking the white balls, even biting on the nerves. "Hey, get away. That's nasty and unsafe for you." But it couldn't care less.
There wasn't any particular smell coming from the holes, yet the body had its own odor. "Like this guy was sprayed with something awful, almost making me puke. Funny how the cat isn't affected."
Then he took one step away from the car and heard the crows again.
He turned around and saw one pierce the salt and pepper feline, while "Blue" stood motionless.

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