Sunday, 10 January 2016

Story #138 - Not your average crow foreboding (part 1)

"Nothing bad will happen if I look behind," he said, turned his head around, and heard a groups of crows. He smiled.
Walking on the main street, he took a right, to get into an alley. A small, cozy place, with holes in the sidewalk and pieces of marble --from the buildings-- laid around on the ground. "Somebody doesn't know how to play the game, it seems."
As he walked on by the bobbles of concrete, he spotted, or rather was spotted, by three cats; a ginger one, a salt and pepper one, and a blue one. "Didn't know I was living near such an elite area. All collar and bow tie, petted fur, with shiny ears and button noses that turn even the cruelest bitch into a weeping girl screaming "That's so cute.""
The felines ogled him. He did the same. One felt the presence and decided to lick its paw instead. "Blue blood, my ass."
He carried on his path, followed by all the fury ones, who were keeping they're distance. Not too far ahead came a shrieking car noise. Everybody silenced. He glared at his buddies who had stern faces, almost like the three monkeys.
"I don't want to check it out, but what if that person's in trouble?"

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