Friday, 15 January 2016

Story #143 - Not your average crow foreboding (final part)

He sprinted at the opened doorway. The two cats overlapped him and made their way inside before him. And he stopped. "They vanished. They went in and vanished. What's the meaning of this?"
He walked to the door frame and put his hand inside. "I don't feel any different, just that I can't see it." He pulled it back. "Looks the same." Then took a deep breath and walked inside. He found himself inside a flat. The walls were white, blank, and the room was bland. No furniture, no carpet, no tiles. "A painted concrete slab, huh? Bright light coming from the outside. It almost feels like I'm in a lightbulb."
"You keep talking in there. Why don't you come in the kitchen?" A voice came, smooth and childish.
"I thought there was no one here." He said as he looked spooked, then moved his feet towards the words.
"You're younger than usual," she said. "Did you like it?"
He stared at the person. Her skin was dark yellow, similar to the bee's gradient, yet everything was like a normal human in their mid twenties; plump body shapes hidden under purple garments that made her more sensuous. "What am I thinking here?" He murmured in his head.
"Did I like what? Seeing a person and a cat die? Watching how a part of the street vanished? No. I did not. What is that?"
"It's a dream that affects the things you love, and puts them in an area you know."
"Huh... How do I wake up?"
"I don't know."
"I've had plenty of people here, and they disappeared out of the blue. I don't know where they went, or how"
"So I have to wait. At least I can relax now."
"You can. You'll see some stairs if you go outside. They lead to my room. You can rest there."
"I will do just that."

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