Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Story #141 - Not your average crow foreboding (part 4)

As soon as he said if it was a game, a signpost bent in half, and the sign stating "Turn left" changed into "Doomed" with an x made out of bones, placed in the middle.
"Dandy that."
A laughter echoed the street, breaking the silence. He froze for a second, assessing its wave. "Where the heck is it coming from? Not left, nor right. Neither above or below. It's giving me goosebumps. The hair on my arms is already up and at 'em. And these...furballs are just rolling on the ground. Ugh. Why I dislike cats so much."
The laughter turned darker and louder, like your most hideous impersonification of a bad guy came alive this very moment. He put his palms over his ears, trying to cover the clamor, but unable to confer himself a little protection.
"I have to get out of here." Indeed. He ran the way he came, and although it was less than 20 meters away, the main street changed into a dead end. "Huh? How can I get out now?" As he wondered that, he heard something collapse behind him, while the laughter had silenced. When he turned around, he saw the far end of the street, filled with buildings, simply vanish, making the noise of a roller crunching everything down.

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