Thursday, 28 January 2016

Story #156 - It was supposed to be a regular day (part 11)

The breath of fresh air was needed. Like when you grab a beer after a stressful event, not that I've had any, but my dad can attest to it. Hmm... Alcohol, I wonder if he has any. I'd like to get drunk. Heck. I wonder how that will be. I've read that people are bolder, brasher, maybe overall more stupid, and they have more fun, too. I'll go back and ask him.
As I walk back inside, with my steady pace and my chest straight, I glimpse at the shadows. They look like moths playing under the bulbs light. I think nothing of it, so I go ahead.
And I stop in the middle of the hallway.
He gives me a glance, then reverts back to her.
I, being the coward that I am, freeze, pop my eyeballs out, turn around, and briskly get out of there with my jaw almost on the floor.
On the patio again.
Yeah. Beer? More like something strong. Whisky? Absinth? Shit.
But you know, I'm acting strange, and I know he knows, however, I'm sure Stacy doesn't have a problem with that. I do. She doesn't know that, though.
What kind of a game plan should I make? Game plan is maybe too much. More like a "don't look awkward when you make eye contact again" thing.
Oh, they have a tree here. I'd like to climb it and see what fortune it might bring me.
A bit big, and somewhat hard to cling onto... 1...2...3...and I'm up. Easier than I thought. Haven't done this sort of thing since I was 10, maybe? Refreshing. Everyone should climb trees once in a while. Brings back the spirit of youth.

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