Saturday, 9 January 2016

Story #137 - The end of an era

Sometimes when you start a job you think it'll be like any other one. Something boring, pointless, where you won't put any feelings in, where your colleagues are rubbish, where you keep wondering why you're there.
Maybe there's an inside feeling that you have when you have a home. Or your parent's home.
I'm sure everyone's been there, saying "Oh, I'll be here for a little while longer, till I get back on my feet, and then I'll go in search of the unexplainable."
Then you roam wherever you may feel like, get bored, or annoyed, and return to your comfort place. You do this a bunch of times until you get annoyed at yourself for not challenging your person more.
Sometimes you have to make drastic choices, even if you're not ready.
And you'll never be ready unless you leap from an airplane without a parachute, only a paraglide.
This ride should be done more often, but we force ourselves to have a safety net, and that's not always cool.

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