Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Story #99 - Having Fun (part 2)

Michelle sat under the covers.
She has been doing that for the past three days. Her sorrow took a new turn when the guy she liked humiliated her in front of their coworkers. He pointed out something that she's always felt self-conscious about and made a joke about the thing. Next thing she knew, everyone was laughing while she was trying to keep a straight face. Ten minutes later she asked to go home on the basis that she had a stomach problem. Her lenient boss granted her wish.
Since that time, she has been eating junk food, dairy-based sweets, and done nothing with her life. She let her phone ring for until the battery was depleted, yet she brought the laptop under the duvet and binged on shows and cartoons.
She didn't talk to anyone in this time. Not even her friend, Jess, who used to comfort her at all times. She wanted to be loved by someone other than her friend. She wanted to have that special someone.
She remembered there was an event tonight, and seeing how moody she had been, she decided she'd go and maybe feel special.

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