Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Story #113 - Having fun (part 16)

"Hey, Darla. I just met this guy and he's..."
"Michelle? Do you even know what time it is?"
She glances at her watch. "10 pm. Early. I know you stay up till midnight, at least."
"Usually, but not every day. Tomorrow's a big meeting and I wanted to wake up early to do some stuff. Anyway, what's with this guy?"
"I'd rather just tell you later in that case."
"You already woke me up and told me half of the story. Do you actually think I can fall asleep without knowing the rest?"
"No. So, I'm at this dating thing in some pub, and I didn't have any hopes for anything to happen. Then this guy decided to come up to me and we've been talking ever since. That was maybe two hours ago."
"That's great. How can I help you?"
"Ah, well, no. I wanted to share."
"Okay. Let me know how it went tomorrow. Enjoy your fun. Bye."
She hung up. Michelle was looking at her phone. "Damn. I actually wanted to know what to do with him, but I forgot to ask her that," she thought. "I'll figure it out." She exhaled and left the toilet.

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