Friday, 18 December 2015

Story #115 - "Nice start of the day"

The sun brisked its shine through the top floor window. The clock hit 4:58 in the morning.
As the natural light rose, it revealed the walls, inch by inch. The blackness turned to red. The charcoal to velvet.
The bright glimmer hit a silver object and had its light refracted.
5:00 happened and the alarm rang. The kind of repeated ring that you'd hear in movies and annoying people's phone tones and wonder what's wrong with them.
Loud bangs came through the wall. "Quiet down," was heard from below.
The strawberry-colored shade started sliding down like a compote on a plate.
The reflected light grew; somewhere, an ant was being killed.
5:02. The alarm was louder than a rooster in soprano mode.
"Open up," someone said from beside the door. "I'll call the police if you don't." The door kept getting pummeled. "You asked for it."
The light dimmed its course over the silver object. The slide did not.
"This is the police. Open up," they said as one of them knocked on the door. After a ten seconds wait, it was sprawled out of its hinges.
Several pieces of woodchip flew onto the empty bed. They looked to their left. One turned around and said to the neighbor "I'm sorry, but this is police duty right now." "What about the alarm?" He replied. The officer's colleague pushed the button. "We need an ambulance, over." He said through his walkie-talkie.
"Nice start of the day. I need a coffee," the first one said, more in jest than anything.

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