Monday, 14 December 2015

Story #111 - Having fun (part 14)

"You know, we've been talking about me and what I do, but you haven't even given me your name."
"Ryan. Speaking of which, there was one guy you looked at before we came to this table, Fiona."
"He assistant. He's the one that insisted we get here."
"And you left him."
"Well, not like you paid any attention to the guy. He'll be fine, anyway. So, what do you do?"
"Let's say I'm a freelancer. I like what I do, although it's not really making me much."
"How do you pay the rent?"
"I get by. I am doing better than I thought I would, actually. I could do better, though."
"We all would, right?"
"In that case, how about something to eat?"
"Sure. Not from a pub. Let's go somewhere else."
Ryan smiled. He stood up as if someone kicked him in the butt. Fiona grabbed her coat and spread it over her shoulders.
They didn't touch hands or elbows, but they left as close to one another as you can possibly get.

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