Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Story #120 - The unwanted home (part 1)

I remember a long time ago, when I was 6, and I was living with my parents in this countryside location. A remote farm area where there were four houses joined together in a sort of a U, with only one entrance in the whole thing.
The landlord and his family had one house, my folks another, the third went to a family with whose kids I used to play every day, and the fourth one had been empty for over a year.
Anyway, the weather was nice on this particular night. Every time I asked about that place, my mom would refuse to tell me why it was like that.
I decided to go together with Michael, one of the kids, inside.
We grabbed a flashlight and marched to the front door of the establishment.
He rolled the knob and pushed the wooden opening.
The air smelled like the it had stayed the same since the owners moved out. I turned on the flashlight and I saw a few crawlers move around. Made my soft skin itchy.
We moved up to the stairs when we heard a noise from above. Then the door shut itself with a loud clap. We looked at each other, raised our Adam's apples, and hid under a big table in the middle of the hall, that was covered by this red, plastic-like, material.
The steps were brisker and sturdier. All we could do was to turn off the flashlight and hope.

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