Sunday, 13 December 2015

Story #110 - Having fun (part 13)

"Oh, look, it's the suited twat coming back for more. Damn. Why is there nothing to do right now but to serve this dipshit? Even his voice is stuck-up. I think this is the type of guy who, once he reaches a certain level, thinks he should be acknowledged for who he is, although very few are aware, and they, too, wonder if he's special or not."
"I'd like a nice vodka with some ice," James said as he approached the bar. The bartender eyed him for three seconds, wondering if he'd utter that word, but when it became clear, he went to pour the almost pure alcohol in the small tumbler.
He returned with it, two ice cubes inside, and handed the glass to the man.
The bartender pressed the buttons on the till, pointed at the card device, and waited for the rectangular object to touch the machine.
They made no further eye contact. They spoke no words between them.
After the transaction was finished, both left, one towards the sea of the outside area, the other to the cramped space of the staff toilet. One had no care in the world. The other was on the brink of leaving his job. He had had enough of the clientele. He knew he could get something more useful, less grating, and with more perks. He simply delayed the action.

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