Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Story #112 - Having fun (part 15)

Cute girls shy of guys
males chatting themselves up
alcohol mixed, poured, and sipped.
They all act like they're a drag.
Isn't this supposed to be an event,
not a regular night out?

Where's the mingling?
Where's the jiggy-jiggy music?
I might be wasting my time here.
I might have raised my bar.
I might...

The bartender's here,
sitting on a chair,
looking down,
I'm sure he's a nice guy.
Let's cheer him up.

"Hello, fellow."
I startle him. As expected.
He glances at me,
Drives his eyes to my drink,
then smiles.

"Hey, mate. What's going on?"
"Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Until I saw you."
"I'm flattered, but I like girls."
I chuckle.
"Nah. I mean you're glum."
He drinks from his glass.

"It's this job.
Some people just bring you down.
Takes a while to recover."
"Why don't you change your employer?"
"Not that easy.
I will. Just waiting for the right time.
Or when my gut says so."
"That's the spirit.

What you doing later?"
"I have to close the place. Midnight."
"How about you say you have a problem
and we bust out of this limphole?"
He looks at me, eyebrows raised.
Downs his liquid, stands up.

"I don't drink.
I don't know where you wanna go,
but I sure hope it's better than here."
"It will."

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