Monday, 28 December 2015

Story #125 - A fitting name for a child

"Hey there, Muriel."
"Tell me you've heard about Jackal, Blanche."
"Jackal... You mean Siggerd's son?"
"That naughty toddler, yes."
"Has he done something worse than what he did to those cats?"
"He has. To some children."
"Oh, my."
"He found two babies wrapped up in their garments, ready for their mother, when he appeared and stole them."
"That little..."
"Then he unwrapped them like they were little gifts."
"You mean to tell me that he left them out in the snow?"
"He also threw them in the middle on a frozen pond. By the time the authorities arrived, the small ones were not breathing."
"What is happening to the devilish one?"
"He is thrown into a children's state penitentiary. And his parents will lose custody of him."
"He should die."

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