Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Story #105 - Having fun (part 8)

"This looks like such a dump. Ugh. I should have bothered to check. It's so unfit for my tastes...and looks. The good news is that I will stick out and every lady will look at me. The bad news is that they may not be worthy of of mine. I'd better get myself a drink, fast," said James.
The bartender was watching him the minute he came in. Granted, there was nothing else to do but wait. "Look at this twat coming here with his nose pointing right up. He has a fancy suit, I'll give him that. Is this the kind of shindig we'll turn up to be once a week? Yeesh."
"I'd like a double vodka with a lot of ice and some lemonade, please."
As the bartender went to make the drink, James looked around. "The chandeliers give this place a different vibe than the one you receive when you come inside. Interesting. Unfortunately, there aren't many females around."
"Here you go. That'll be 7 pounds 20, please."
He takes out his card and lightly touches the card reader.
"Cheers. Enjoy your drink."
James didn't even acknowledge the guy at that point as he went straight outside, where he noticed a garden. 

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