Monday, 7 December 2015

Story #104 - Having fun (part 7)

The manager told us that tonight is date night in our pub. We've never had this before, and I hope it goes well so that we can have more.
I don't know why I'm getting excited since it doesn't really concern or involve me. It's not like some random woman coming here will chat me up. Although I hope she will.
I wonder what kind of people come to date nights.
I've read about them in the past, and I find it sad that they're only in pubs or bars. Do people have a hard time getting along without alcohol?
It's quite sad that these guys are always on social media, telling you how to do this or that, and then come here.
I suppose the marketing for this is "Too busy for a love life? Why not come for a pint and get one?"
It's funny how they get to have fun, while the likes of my colleagues and I have to work. We don't get to meet people on our daily routine, unless someone is really flirty.
Still, whenever I go to pubs, I never see bartenders have suave words with customers, or vice-versa.
So, what about us, eh?

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