Saturday, 12 December 2015

Story #109 - Having fun (part 12)

Damn. So many people here. It's shy of 9 pm, and the place is almost flooded.
Several small groups, plenty of single girls, most with their noses in their phones; few checking the surface.
God! How do I even start?
If I approach one I might give the wrong impression. If I stand away nobody will come to me.
I'm overthinking again. Pff... I always do this.
There's one by herself, looking around, sipping some weirdly-colored concoction.
It'd be funny if I'd go there without a glass in my hand. Good thing water's free.

"Hi," she said, raising her eyebrows, revealing her small, hazel eyes.
"I've been looking at your and I was wondering what that drink was."
"Oh, it's a Jaggerpari."
"What's that?"
"A single Jaggermeister with a double shot of Campari."
"Oh, right. Aren't you supposed to drink it in one go?"
"Who cares what you're supposed to. It's sweet. I like sweet stuff. I'd rather linger on it."
"But doesn't the disappearance of the sugar rush affect you?"
"Well, kinda. Everybody's energy fades away at some point. It's weird, you know, being told that this or that is not good, yet it's kinda the same."
Holy shit! Although she likes sugary stuff, she's nice. Let's see where this talk takes me.

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