Friday, 11 December 2015

Story #108 - Having fun (part 11)

And here I am.
The place to be
The place to get
ladies, daisies,
and something in between.

Any alcohol I want
in any glass I want.
Any chair I want
at any table I want.
I'm sure if that's a good thing.

But here I am,
at the bar, with
this lovely bloke
in a dark shirt
who doesn't look
all that pleased to see me.

"Hey, there.
I'd like to start a tab
and have a London Lager
and get yourself one, too.
That's all right now."

Now he's surprised,
his face full of smiles
and manner more relaxed.
I know he's mine now.
And he'll give me a hand
whenever I want.

This place is a bore.
Let's start the party already.

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