Thursday, 17 December 2015

Story #114 - Having fun (final part)

Alas, the night has come to fruition.
James left home empty handed. Nobody could have measured up to his ego anyway.
Michelle decided to take it slow with the guy, and they had more dates after that. Darla didn't get the job.
Fiona and Ryan became pillow-pals. They kept at it for a while. The assistant wasn't upset about him being left standing, but he quit his job three months later.
The bartender did the same thing. The poet helped him. They started a business together, where they making poems on the spot. It's working well.

By the time Christmas came, everyone was happy, apart from James. He could never be happy. If cloning were possible, he'd want a female version of himself.
Dating events in pubs, certainly not for everyone.

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