Thursday, 31 December 2015

Story #128 - It's almost time

A few more hours and we'll be in a new year. It passed by so fast. Feels that time goes by quicker than it used to. Maybe it's due to all this technology that we end up doing more, but less, and that's where our moments go.
A few more hours and everybody will start doing their resolutions, like drinking less, eating healthy, going to the gym, you know, the lot. Of course, that will only last a month, two tops. Then we'll start hoping the new year will come soon so we can start our resolutions again.
A few more hours until we spend a weird amount of money that won't do us much good.
A few more hours and we'll either be happy or we'll be disillusioned and sad in a corner, on some funny looking sofa.
A few more hours...

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