Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Story #106 - Having fun (part 9)

"I wonder if they sell ice cream here," Michelle thought. "But on the other hand, it's probably expensive, a cheap brand, and a small thing. And who'd approach a girl eating that in a pub?"
She didn't know where to move, or if she should sit a table or at the bar instead. She wanted to use the ladies, but thought otherwise. "I need something to get me away from this stupid buzz. I'm shivering for no apparent reason. If this caries on, I'll break into a sweat without doing anything worthwhile and leave before I even talk to a guy."
She moves up to the line and waits her turn. "Gosh, what should I have? Vodka, lime, and soda? Aperol Spritz? Mmm, yeah, that's, I don't want that. It gives the wrong message. What message am I trying to give here, anyway? This is harder than I thought. Dammit."
"Hey, how can I help you?" The bartender said.
"I don't know what to drink."
"Hmm... How about a shot?"
"I'm not a fan of them, although I like Jagger. Do you have Campari?"
"We do."
"Can you make me a Jagger and Campari mix?"
"A single shot with a double shot?"
As she's waiting, she's looking on her left side. "Not many cute guys there. I might be too early. We'll see. I hope this drink is nice," she utters in her head.
The bartender did the finishing touches and came back. "Here you are."
"Wow. Haha. Looks so weird. Like a brick-like colour." She grabs the small tumbler and sips a little. "You know what? this actually tastes nice. A little too sweet, but that's alright. Can I have an ice cube in there, please?"
"Of course. In the meantime, if you'd like to pay. It's 8 pounds 25."
As he goes to the ice area, she takes out her card and taps the device. "Bloody expensive this. But I like it. I've never had it before."
"Here you go."
"Thanks. See you later."

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