Thursday, 3 December 2015

Story #100 - Having Fun (part 3)

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?" Fiona said as her assistant opened the door without knocking.
"I know. I'm sorry. I simply thought you might want to look at this." He says and hands her a leaflet about get together tonight.
"I don't have for something so frivolous."
"Frankly speaking, you have been working a lot, without break, and you will collapse sooner or later. Neither of us would like that."
"I think you would since I keep making you do lousy tasks."
"It was in the job description, wasn't it?"
"Anyway, I don't have the time to drink with random strangers."
"What if I join you?"
"Are you asking me out?"
"No. But maybe if I will go, you go, too."
"Well, if you want me to go, we have to move double time to finish everything."
"I have no problem with that," he said with cool smile giving way from his calm figure.
Fiona looked at him for five more seconds, then turned to her screen and started typing like mad. The assistant didn't say anything else. He left without making a sound, not that it would have bothered her.

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