Sunday, 25 October 2015

Story #61 - What's this love thing? (part 2)

When I opened my eyes, I found myself at work. Someone hit me in the head with a piece of paper. It stung a bit. I looked at him. "Wake the fuck up," he said. Same old Johnny. Always cursing, even when there's nothing to do around or worry. I'm wondering if he has Tourette's.
I'm a bartender at the Molten Circus. I know, a stupid name, yet people still come. I get asked that question at least once a day, and I try to tell them various things, and by far my favorite story is that a circus was once on these grounds, built over a cemetery, and one day the circus tent was burning. The people in charge went bankrupt after that. A sad case. But I think we get some regulars with my stories, or at least I'd like to think that.

Anyway, that Hugh guy was working here up until a week ago. I hated him. He was arrogant, and nothing special on the bar. Didn't want to help bring up heavier stock like wines, only crap like straws and toilet paper. Anyway, he pissed me off when he asked Julie out, although I should be upset at myself since I really took my time and lost my chance right after that. Indecisiveness happens to the best of us. I sound like an old man, I know, and I act like one at time. I guess her being the first cute girl here in over six months made me fall for her. A rejection would've been better at the time.

This day passed by fast. Johnny was still swearing, even with girls he was trying to flirt. That was bad. They rolled their eyes every time he said "shit" and "fuck". After our shift, he asked me why is he so unlucky with girls. Didn't know what to say.
After we parted ways, I started thinking about Julie again. Damn, her lips were so soft.
If only I could talk to her again...and I might do that from tomorrow.

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