Saturday, 17 October 2015

Story #53 - Fierce Felines?

"Hey, guys. What the hell are you doing?"
"Can't you tell that we're playing charades?"
"Yeah. We're trying to make these figure out what we're trying to show."
"What if you don't?"
"They'll hit us with the thing from their hand."
"It hurts like a motherf..."
"You alright, tiger? He just hit you."
"I'd so like to chomp his little hands off and his little head off, and everybody and everything."
"Shame we don't have claws and teeth anymore, right?"
"We're supposed to be tamed, you know. We don't go around and do that."
"You're one to talk, lion. You were the big shot. Now look at you, in two paws, shaking your ass on this stupid wooden frame that can fall any minute now. Are you in the circus or what?"
"I'm dancing."
"More like bouncing, haha."
"Wait till I get my paws on you, tiger. Your friend will get hit, and you'll be mine."
"Look around you. There are more of my bros here. The one with the ball in his mouth can easily jump you, drop the ball in your mouth, and then it's bye bye lion."
"I'm pretty sure these humans will bring some more of my comrades around. Aw..."
"See what happens when you don't dance as you should?"
"You know what, as much as I'm tired of you and this other one, and your stupid charades, I say we get them."
"But we don't have teeth and claws."
"You've got tails, right? And we weigh more than them. We can do some damage to them."
"I don't know."
"Yeah. I quite like eating... What are eating again? It's been a long time since I last chewed."
"There you go."
"Let's put it like this, then. If we defeat them, how are we going to eat without teeth? Whatever they're giving us keeps us going, but how else are we supposed to..."
"Wait... Lion!"
"Oh, come on. We'll wing it."

Picture belongs to Britta Jaschinski, and it's titled "Broken Cats".

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