Saturday, 10 October 2015

Story #46 - When the low rebel

"Yes, servant."
"I have won countless wars for you. I have pillaged villages, I have given you the most beautiful women that we have found, I have burned the smarted children, I have poisoned political opponents, I have sicked dogs at beggars, I have..."
"Get to the point, servant. I don't have all day."
"You are losing everybody around you, master. I have heard whispers suggesting that you might be paranoid. That you do not wish to serve anymore. That you are making mistakes in every regard."
"Go and make them vanish."
"To be honest, I have no wish in doing your bidding anymore. I have made you rich. I have put gold in your lap, on your clothes, on your feet. You have put only stone on me. You have draped me with snakes and spikes, made my family look away when I came inside. You turned me into a less glamorous image of yourself."
"I did."
"It ends right now."
"I concur."
"Dispose of this slab of a servant that's in front of me. Make sure he ends up where he says he's from."
"Huh? Why you double-crossers. You said..."
"Oh, you didn't have to core his apple right in front of me. It doesn't matter anymore. I'm going to take a bath. Have fun."

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