Friday, 16 October 2015

Story #52 - Why those videos go viral

"Have you noticed how people that like cute creatures like animals and humans, only like them when they're small?"
"I think they like them at every age."
"Not really. People prefer cute kittens, puppies and toddler, heck, even ugly ones, to grown-up ones."
"You're wrong."
"Okay. When a kitten meows and is small, you find it cute, feed it some food, then play with it. When a small child talks smack, you find it funny; everybody does. When that kid is fifteen and does that, he's in a rebellious phase. When he's in his twenties and does that, he's immature. When he's over forty and does that, you know shit's gonna get down."
"You have a weird way of looking at life."
"Oh? And how do you view it?"
"Well, it's true that those are cuter, but the older ones are more passionate."
"Who cares about passion when you want to laugh? When you want to de-stress yourself? Sometimes it's less about trying to think, and more about trying to enjoy, to feel good, to ease back, to lose a few brain cells."
"Do you feel good after it? Feel pumped up and ready to destroy someone or something?"
"No. I just smile."

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